Robert Jurkowski

  • Revenue Growth Expert.
  • CEO Mentor and Coach.
  • Business Model Strategist.
  • Captivating and Engaging Speaker.
  • Dynamic Enterprise Sales Leader.
  • CEO and Operating Executive.
  • Buyer’s Journey Guide.
  • Strategic Alliance Facilitator.
I am a B2B Revenue Growth Leader, Catalyst and Mentor. I collaborate with B2B Executives and Business Owners to help them create significant revenue growth for their companies and apply a proven revenue growth strategy that is predictable and capital efficient.
I have always been passionate about the art and science of growing revenue as an operating executive. As a CEO for Silicon Valley public and private companies I fully applied this revenue growth strategy at Intacct, a cloud leader for financial applications. As CEO we scaled our direct sales team and partnered with Salesforce to provide an integrated front and back office solution. We also created 300 strategic private label channel partnerships to drive indirect sales including market makers and CPA firms. This tremendous growth added 5,000 new customers. Intacct was acquired by The Sage Group for $850 million and a multiple of 9 times revenue.
In 2008 I created On Demand Advisors, a Revenue Acceleration Agency, with a mission to work with B2B Executives and help them dramatically scale revenue and growth for this companies using the most effective and capital efficient methods. This revenue creation process has been implemented with hundreds of B2B companies and evolved into these revenue growth best practices. This has also led to many new innovations such as the Sales-Driven Website that guides visitors through the buying process and converts visitors into prospects, the Demand Generation Engine that scales revenue predictably and Accelerated Contracting that eliminates 90% of the negotiating process.
I have led and built many successful software, cloud and services companies in a variety of roles including CEO, COO and Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Given our focus on strategic alliances and partnerships each of these private companies was acquired given the economic and innovative shared value that we created.
I mentor B2B Executives and Business Owners to help them develop the best strategy to successfully scale and grow their businesses. Today, I chair a CEO group in Tampa for 12 Mavens. For the Alliance of Chief Executives in Silicon Valley I have chaired and led CEO groups in San Francisco and San Jose, California, each with 15 CEOs. I serve on the Board of Directors for X2Engine and Board of Advisors for InTune Technologies. I have served on public, private and advisory boards.
I am also a featured speaker at industry conferences and leadership groups including Vistage, YPO, and the Alliance of Chief Executives. I have partnered with and conducted Revenue Acceleration Workshops with many Technology Councils throughout North America. I am also a published author on revenue growth best practices with Software Executive Magazine.
You can read more about my complete background on LinkedIn.
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