Win Existing Markets

Create Your Plan to Penetrate and Win Your Target Markets

Today, would you say your company has a competing or winning strategy?

Many companies compete in their target markets every year. I like to take this one step further to create a plan to win your target markets. What makes this plan different and what does it entail?
In order to win your target markets, the plan should address the following areas:
  • How many companies are in your total addressable market? Is it 5,000 or 10,000 or still to be defined?
  • If we know the target audience, let’s build a list of all of your target companies and decision and influencer contacts/personas. The objective is to create a plan to reach 100% of your target audience over a period of time. In any given year, perhaps 10% of your target audience are ready to invest in your solution or service. When you reach your entire audience you ensure every year that you also engage the right 10% for any given year.
  • Who are the competitors in your target markets and how can I help you build and execute your competitive strategy to win in each situation? This should include a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats assessment) for each competitor.
  • Finally, the plan should include how to best engage your target decision makers with the right messaging, buyer’s journey to accelerate the sales process and offers.
I have developed a step-by-step process
Help you create your Plan to Penetrate and Win Your Target Markets that involves your management team and my facilitation.


I fully understand your company strategically and tactically under a non-disclosure agreement so that I am completely “up to speed” with your team. I review everything – your operating plan, your strategic plan and goals, your marketing, sales and business development programs and deliverables, your markets, your competitors, etc. I want to fully appreciate your business model and your revenue growth challenges and opportunities.


I facilitate a one day virtual Business Strategy & Revenue Acceleration Workshop with you and your management team and share the best practices included in the Revenue Acceleration Map. I also interrogate what is in place today, what is missing, what is working and what is not working for your company. This gap analysis helps me highlight critical links that are missing or underperforming in your awareness to close process. It also breaks down the barriers that exist between the functional silos of Marketing, Sales and Business Development within your company. Finally, revenue growth is everyone’s responsibility on the management team and this workshop gets everyone thinking and operating as one team with a common objective.


After 10 business days I will present to you with your Revenue Growth Plan and a set of prioritized recommendations. Specifically, your written Plan will cover the following:
  • Recap your Revenue and Strategic Goals
  • Recap your Revenue Growth Challenges and Opportunities
  • Present the Gap Analysis Between Best Practices and What You Have in Place Today
  • Review our Prioritized Recommendations to Achieve Your Revenue and Strategic Goals
  • Present the Prioritized Programs by Phase that You Should Implement
  • Present the Detailed Budget to Execute these Prioritized Programs and Achieve your Goals


The Importance of Winning Your Target Markets

In this article I discuss the 5 reasons why it is important to win your target markets. There are significant benefits that will accrue to you when you achieve this goal with each target market.

5 Steps to Win Your Target Markets

As with any important initiative when you execute these 5 steps you will be well on your way to winning your target markets.
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