I conduct Revenue Growth Workshops throughout North America with C-Level Executives and with the management teams at specific companies.

If your group, conference or company is looking for a dynamic and engaging discussion about revenue growth best practices and how they can apply these workshops are effective and warmly received.

The interactive Revenue Growth Workshops are typically 6 hours and fully engage the audience in all of the revenue growth best practices available in the industry for B2B companies. It also includes client examples to bring these best practices to life.

These workshops have been conducted with many organizations including:

If you are interested in how this Workshop can benefit your organization or your conference let me know and let’s talk.
  • Leaderships Groups such as Vistage, YPO and the Alliance of Chief Executives
  • Technology Councils such as North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA), Tech San Diego, and the Arizona Technology Council
  • Industry Conferences such as All About the Cloud, SaaS University, and the Business of Software (BoS) and
  • Entrepreneurial Organizations such as the Small Business and Technology Center (SBTDC), the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network and many other organizations.
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