Scale Direct Sales

Create Your Plan to Scale Your Sales Organization and Enable Their Success
To win with your direct sales team you need the right Sales Leadership, the right sales contributors, a demand generation engine that provides 100% of the sales leads that your team requires, the right sales enablement tools and a winning system.
I partner with B2B executives and business owners to assess what you need, create the plan and ensure that it gets implemented so you achieve the anticipated results.

Sales Leadership

Historically, I have built and scaled extraordinary enterprise and inside sales teams so that we have the best talent in the industry. This starts by identifying the right contributors through a rigorous search, interview and vetting process.

Sales Leads

Next, you need a demand generation engine that creates the required quality and quantity of marketing and sales leads so that your sales team spends their time on qualifying prospects. Forrester states that up to 65% of time spent by an enterprise sales person is spent on non-sales activities like prospecting, research and building presentations. I believe that you should get all of this time back so your sales team can focus on what they are truly talented to accomplish – closing business and getting results.

Sales Cycle Acceleration

Next, there are many ways you can accelerate the sales process for your sales team such as a sales-driven website that guides every visitor through the buying process or sales tools that help convert prospects from one stage in the sales cycle to the next. For new sales contributors, I collaborate to create a Sales Playbook so they can learn how to be an effective contributor in a matter of weeks rather than try to learn everything on the job following a successful sales leader.
To create your plan to scale sales talent and make them productive, I follow this process to help you create the plan:


I fully understand your company strategically and tactically under a non-disclosure agreement so that I am completely “up to speed” with your team. I review everything – your operating plan, your strategic plan and goals, your marketing, sales and business development programs and deliverables, your markets, your competitors, etc. I want to fully appreciate your business model and your revenue growth challenges and opportunities.


I facilitate a one day virtual Business Strategy & Revenue Acceleration Workshop with you and your management team and share the best practices included in the Revenue Acceleration Map. I also interrogate what is in place today, what is missing, what is working and what is not working for your company. This gap analysis helps me highlight critical links that are missing or underperforming in your awareness to close process. It also breaks down the barriers that exist between the functional silos of Marketing, Sales and Business Development within your company. Finally, revenue growth is everyone’s responsibility on the management team and this workshop gets everyone thinking and operating as one team with a common objective.


After 10 business days I will present to you with your Revenue Growth Plan and a set of prioritized recommendations. Specifically, your written Plan will cover the following:
  • Recap your Revenue and Strategic Goals
  • Recap your Revenue Growth Challenges and Opportunities
  • Present the Gap Analysis Between Best Practices and What You Have in Place Today
  • Review our Prioritized Recommendations to Achieve Your Revenue and Strategic Goals
  • Present the Prioritized Programs by Phase that You Should Implement
  • Present the Detailed Budget to Execute these Prioritized Programs and Achieve your Goals


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