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Create Your Proactive Channel Partner Program that Drives Revenue Growth
All of us appreciate the tremendous value that channel partners bring to our company to drive revenue and expand our coverage into new or adjacent markets. In many cases our channel partners already have significant customer relationships and domain knowledge that they can leverage on our behalf. Economically, it makes a lot of sense to leverage a partner’s sales force rather than grow your own organically at great expense.

Partner Identification

How do you identify the right partners that will drive revenue growth for your company? If you have an existing channel partner program, how do you decide where to invest your time based on expected return? If you are building your channel partner program, how to you select the right partners that will drive sales and revenue growth for your company? These are important questions as you build and scale your channel partner program to drive revenue growth for your company. Getting the results that you want starts with selecting, recruiting and engaging and enabling the right channel partners.
Unfortunately for most companies 20% of their channel partners create over 80% of their indirect sales revenue. Many channel partnerships are either opportunistic or never get launched beyond the written agreement.
Every partnership that does not provide ROI for your company takes your time and money. You also have opportunity cost when you invest in the wrong partners because it takes time and resources away from investing in the right partners. What you need is a better way to select the right channel partners at the beginning that have the best potential to help you drive revenue growth.

Create a Channel Partner Program that Drives Revenue Growth

The objective is to create and implement a channel partner program that drives revenue growth. Your plan should address the following areas:
  • Map Your Potential Partner Ecosystem – who are all of the current and potential partners that you should be identifying and evaluating to be part of your partner program?
  • Proactively Select Your Partners – we help you create your partner scorecard so that you can evaluate and score every potential partner so you spend time on the right partners that are a fit for you and also can drive revenue growth
  • Create a Partner Program that They Want – we help you evaluate your existing or proposed partner programs to include the incentives and support for your partners that will enable them to be successful
  • Onboard Partners Successfully – we’ll discuss how the embedded sales approach gets your partner off to a great start and prevents false starts or failure
  • Give Your Partners One Source – your partners need one solution where you give them everything that they need to be successful and you get to track and assess their progress
To create your plan to scale sales talent and make them productive, I follow this process to help you create the plan:


I fully understand your company strategically and tactically under a non-disclosure agreement so that I am completely “up to speed” with your team. I review everything – your operating plan, your strategic plan and goals, your marketing, sales and business development programs and deliverables, your markets, your competitors, etc. I want to fully appreciate your business model and your revenue growth challenges and opportunities.


I facilitate a one day virtual Business Strategy & Revenue Acceleration Workshop with you and your management team and share the best practices included in the Revenue Acceleration Map. I also interrogate what is in place today, what is missing, what is working and what is not working for your company. This gap analysis helps me highlight critical links that are missing or underperforming in your awareness to close process. It also breaks down the barriers that exist between the functional silos of Marketing, Sales and Business Development within your company. Finally, revenue growth is everyone’s responsibility on the management team and this workshop gets everyone thinking and operating as one team with a common objective.


After 10 business days I will present to you with your Revenue Growth Plan and a set of prioritized recommendations. Specifically, your written Plan will cover the following:
  • Recap your Revenue and Strategic Goals
  • Recap your Revenue Growth Challenges and Opportunities
  • Present the Gap Analysis Between Best Practices and What You Have in Place Today
  • Review our Prioritized Recommendations to Achieve Your Revenue and Strategic Goals
  • Present the Prioritized Programs by Phase that You Should Implement
  • Present the Detailed Budget to Execute these Prioritized Programs and Achieve your Goals


How a Partner Scorecard Drives Revenue Growth

Selecting the right partners is paramount about where you invest your time and energy. I will share with you how to create your partner scorecard so you pick the right partners to drive revenue growth.


Partners – the Right Partners – can help you significantly scale your revenue growth and cover target markets or prospects that you cannot reach today. When …
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