If you are a CEO or Business Owner, you need an experienced mentor and strategic advice to grow your company and eliminate costly mistakes.
  • Sometimes you need a sounding board to bounce off your ideas and plans.
  • Sometimes you need to identify and implement the operating and strategic best practices to scale your company.
  • Sometimes you need a guide to help you create and implement your success plan.
Often, your challenge is who can you turn to that has the experience and can offer you unbiased advice. You cannot turn to your Board because you do not want to expose gaps or weaknesses. You cannot turn to your staff because they are operationally not strategically focused. So, where do you turn?
I provide this strategic service to CEOs and Business Owners. I have contributed to the successful of many B2B leaders over the past 20 years.
Earlier, in my career as CEO, I was a member of Vistage, a global leadership group for Chief Executives. I realized that I have a gift to mentor and coach business leaders. In Silicon Valley I was the chair and coach for two CEO Group with the Alliance of Chief Executives – one in San Francisco with public and large company CEOs and another in San Jose with early stage and growth oriented CEOs.
Today, I coach and mentor CEOs and Business Owners leveraging my operating experience as CEO, coaching experience as CEO Chair for leadership groups and hands on work with hundreds of B2B companies.
If you want to fast track your personal and professional success, I offer two consulting options.

Leverage Your Executive Coach

Once a month, I will meet with you to discuss and strategize on the areas that are most important or urgent. From my experience, the area of focus will change every month.
We may focus on your strategy, business model, organization, operating practices, and any other areas of focus. With continuous coaching you visibly see the progress that you are making every month.

Leverage Your Revenue Growth Coach and Catalyst

Twice a month, I will meet with you to help you build and implement your revenue growth plan and best practices. By working together, we will create a Revenue Acceleration Playbook so that you will achieve predictable and profitable revenue growth. This starts with your revenue and strategic goals. One example is to grow revenue by 30% year or year consistently. Another example is win your target markets. An end goal may be to engineer a strategic exit that maximizes shareholder value in the future.
In order to build your Playbook, we will need to review everything and identify gaps and opportunities – strategy, marketing, sales, business development and customer success.
Next, I review revenue growth best practices and the blueprint to get where you want to go from where you are today.
Finally, we determine how I will help you implement this plan and achieve success. Some CEOs want to do it themselves and continue with advisory and coaching support, Some CEOs want help to fill the gaps that they have with their organization and operations today. Some CEOs want to leverage an outsourced partner model because they do not have the resources or expertise inhouse. All of these operating models are available to you.

Here are several examples of how I help Chief Executives today:

Tom Shanahan is the President and CEO for Projstream; his Company empowers government contractors with a comprehensive BOE-cost estimating and project management solution that enforces consistent best practices across their organization and delivers greater program profitability. Working with Bob every week, Tom has jumpstarted his revenue growth and customer acquisition of major defense and government contractors.

“Robert has helped us decrease the sales cycle by 70% and increase our win rate dramatically.”

“Bob has helped me tremendously right from the start.  I’ve always felt we had the right product suite in a good niche market but were struggling with marketing and sales.  We were able to immediately add assets that helped us decrease the sales cycle by 70% and also increase our win rate dramatically. I was able to reshape my perspective on the software industry largely driven by Bob’s mentorship.

When it comes to enterprise sales, especially in the SaaS and Cloud model, you really can’t find better coaching and mentorship.  With the right marketing approach, we were able to raise our level of selling by targeting the C Suite, which has also led to building a vision and building value as opposed to what we were trying to do before, sell on features alone.”

Tom Shanahan

President and CEO, Projstream

Joseph Ladner is the Head of Sales at Technical Toolboxes, a provider of engineering performance solutions in the Oil and Gas industry. Working with Robert every week, Joseph exceeds his sales goals every quarter and is building, scaling and growing his enterprise sales team.

“I have had the pleasure to work with Robert for several years and the experience has been nothing short of spectacular. Not only is his business acumen extraordinary, but ‘s knowledge of the software industry combined with relating to real-world, valued-added solutions is the Gold Standard when learning how to convey the value of your Company’s solutions and/or services clients.

When it comes to sales assistance, coaching, and finding creative solutions for each and every client interaction, Robert is who I would recommend to anyone looking to improve techniques, sales advising, and marketing approaches within the software space (especially SaaS).

Furthermore, Bob is a master at advising on Enterprise software selling and consulting on how to provide value to the C-Suite and/or decision maker level at Fortune-1000 companies. I attribute a great deal of my personal growth in sales and the growth of my organization to Robert’s insights, teachings, mentorship, and leadership. I recommend Robert and his Company as a resource if you are looking to improve your sales performance.”

Joseph Ladner

Chief Revenue Officer, Technical Toolboxes

Barry Karsh is the founder and CEO for InTune Technology, an innovator in mobile, contactless customer service solutions that is in huge demand given how the pandemic has changed how businesses service their customers. Working with Bob every week, Barry has scaled his company and marketed and sold his solutions to the hospitality industry.

“Robert and I have been meeting regularly for well over a year now. As a first time CEO, his input and guidance on critical business decisions has been excellent.

I’m extremely lucky to have had his ear from early on in my company’s growth and I can now see the positive result of some of the choices I’ve made based on his input. His broad experience, with many types of companies, situations, and decisions, gives him insights that would have been impossible for me to get to otherwise.

I have found him to be consistently professional, thoughtful, helpful, egoless, and even humorous, when appropriate, and I continually grow and get value from each conversation.”

Barry Karsh

CEO and Founder, InTune Technology
Whether coaching or mentoring CEOs, CROs or Business Leaders I am all about accelerating personal and professional success. For the Alliance of Chief Executives in Silicon Valley I have chaired two CEO Groups – one in San Francisco representing Chief Executives at Public and Mid-Size companies and one in San Jose representing Chief Executives and Founders at Early Stage and Mid-Size companies. I have chaired another Chief Executive Officer group with Twelve Mavens. Finally, I have also been an active member in Vistage, another CEO leadership organization.
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